DIORCO Introduction

DIORCO (“Digital Orthodontic Company”) is a company specializing in orthodontic solutions development.
We provide a variety of solutions that facilitate diagnosis, consultation for orthodontic patients and appliance production, including SmartCeph (Essential 2D orthodontic software for diagnosis) and AUTOLIGN (The world’s first 3D diagnosis and simulation software based on real-time collision technology). 
Based on our products’ exceptional excellence and expandability, we are leading a “Paradigm Shift” in orthodontic 3D diagnosis and appliance production. More than 10 years of experience in orthodontic solution development, sales, and customer support, we promise to provide the best products and service.


We have been asked by our distributors and doctors for design and clear aligner production services. With our insight in orthodontic software, we teamed up with our long time partner Iolab to start providing services in 2019. Iolab’s 25 years of experience in orthodontic design and clear aligner production. We will provide you the most efficient user experience with precise production.

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Orthodontic Simulation Method and Applied Bracket Method using Orthodontic Simulation Appliance

Manufacturing method of Orthodontic Appliance and Universal Tooth Attachment

Automatic Object Movement in Simulation System and Applied Simulation System

Most efficient way of clear aligner treatment
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