Step-3 Aligner ?

How Step-3 Aligner works

We provide clear aligners to you as fast and convenient as possible. So, we have teamed up with respectable local service provider to serve you well. We will proceed all the online services. Once it’s done, our local service provider will make clear aligners and send it to you the same day. Sign up for Step-3 aligner service now!

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- Affordable price for partial correction
- Driven by our own Core Technology 
- Product of Korea

Patients and doctors prefer clear aligners

for convenience and nearly-invisible appliances.

You can now suggest this treatment to those patients

who want other than traditional wires & brackets.

• Boost your self-confidence

• Visually undetectable

• Easy and efficient teeth alignment

• Comfortable and removable

• Fewer clinic visits

• Unchanged daily routines

• Improve dental health and wellness

• Easy to wear and simple to clean

• No risk of injury

• Quick replacement of damaged and lost aligners




As the first step of Step-3 Aligner treatment, digitization of patient’s impression is essential. You can either take a conventional impression and then send us the plaster models for digitization, or use a desktop scanner to digitize the models yourself. The quickest way is to use an intraoral scanner to make the digital models and then send is the STL files directly to us. Please make sure to take bite scans when digitizing impression by yourself.


Treatment plan

The next step is processing the STL files with Autolign software to produce a treatment proposal based on your requirements and instructions. Our lab technician will get back to you in 48 hours  for your first draft and can be revised and adapted until you give your final approval. You are provided with U-Check, a communication tool including 3D viewer. You will be able to make comments and other queries with U-Check.


3D prints

Upon your approval, our local Step-3 Aligner lab will be in production. Unlike other competitors, we produce and ship your clear aligners within your countries. This allows speedy response from replacement of any damaged to lost aligners.